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Let's think the Heavy Software like Android Dev Env is just Started 1sec! How is it? 😮 It's Amazing ….. So, there are tons of examples or use cases that can be solved by the Container Technology (Which Is Soooooo Fast ?)

Another Example Your Complete Deep Learning Environment In Just 1 click and Everything loaded 😮.

So, let's Solve this use case and in the future, we use Container Technology for Heavy Software.

Now those days are gone !! where we have to wait for 20 min — or more to start working with heavy software All credit goes…

Why do we need LVM ?🤔

I am going to present a use case in front of you. For example, you have two pen drives one of 10 GB and the other of 4 GB. So physically you have total storage of 14 GB. Now assume that you have received some data of size 12 GB, So is it possible to store this data as we have two pen drives of 10 GB and 4 GB So it is not possible, But today I am going to talk about a fantastic tool by means of which we can easily perform…

First We Will Start With An Brief Introduction To Terraform then We Jump to the Installation Part and Then We Will Write Our First Script for Provisioning the Instance On AWS (or on any cloud platform you can choose).

Let's First Understand The Problem Statment! 🤔
We need to launch the Instance, then EBS vol, and then finally attach the EBS vol to the Instance. Simple 😎
But in this scenario, we need the help of Variable!

Let's Have Short Intro About GitHub Action ❔

Github Actions is fully integrated into Github and therefore doesn’t require an external site. This means if there is an update in the Repo then we can set up it In Such a way so that it will automatically update the Code at the Server like CI-CD (So, we don’t require any other tool like CI/CD or Circle-CI, etc).

What We Are Going to Do? 🤗

We are going first to configure the lambda and API gateway then we will configure the GitHub Action So, that we are able to see the…

Zimbra is an enterprise-class of email and collaborative solutions which comprises features like a task management system, document management system, calendar management system, and other advanced search options. Mail, document, calendar and address book, etc can be shared with internal and external users in a secure way. It gives users the flexibility to work virtually from anywhere using tablets, mobiles, laptops, etc devices. Zimbra is a well-liked email solution by companies for professional and official requirements. It is used for managing incoming and outgoing emails, databases, internal communication in offices, and data storage. …

Introduction 🔥💁‍♂️

Jenkins is an open-source automation tool written in Java programming language that allows continuous integration.

Jenkins builds and tests our software projects, which continuously making it easier for developers to integrate changes to the project, and making it easier for users to obtain a fresh build.

→ Lets Get Start Our Configuration Part ☺✔

(By The way, I have also written an Ansible Script That will configure in just one click)

Step 1: Installing OpenJDK and verify the version

$ sudo yum install java -y

Let's see How we can First See the Complete the Header of Mail :-

→ GMail
-> Open An Mail then Go to Show Orginal
(Copy and Paste the Header On this Email Header analysis)

→ Outlook [Hotmail]
-> Open Mail then Go to the Message Source
(Copy and Paste the Header On this Email Header analysis)

→ Yahoo
-> Open Mail then Go to Mail Option → General Preferences
(Copy and Paste the Header On this Email Header analysis)

→ Apple Mail
-> Shift+ctrl+h (Genaral Preference)
(Copy and Paste the Header On this Email Header analysis)

Demo →

Step 1: Install the Nginx

$ apt install nginx

Step 2: Make a Config File Same As Default Config Which Is By Default Given by the Nginx with your Complete Domain Name. So, that there will be No Syntax Error.

$ cp /etc/nginx/sites-available/default /etc/nginx/sites-available/

Step 3: Now Open This Configuration File And we just need to give the Server_Name (Domain Name)

$ vim /etc/nginx/sites-available/


Now, Here You Can add the Reverse Proxy Also.

Step 4: Now Just Remove or Unlink the Default Config File

$ unlink /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default

Step 5: Link the Actual DomainConfig File

$ ln -s…

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